Image result for devotionsDevotions are times set aside for worship. The primary devotional time for Christians is the worship of a particular Christian community gathered together as the body of Christ, normally on Sunday morning. It is from the example and patterns of this devoted time that Christians daily devote time to God for family and personal confession, reading and listening to God’s word, prayer and even singing. There is no right method or time for personal devotions, although following the pattern of Sunday worship is worth considering and setting aside uncluttered time is essential. Most foundational to this devoted time, however, is hearing God’s word in the Bible. The focus here is always on Jesus and the good news he brings through his life, death and resurrection. It is through him alone that forgiveness, life and salvation is offered to all who would trust in him. Everything else is secondary to Christ and what he has done. The purpose of all these devotional times is growth in this grace of God in Christ. It is from here that God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, send us out into that part of the world we live in to participate through witness and mercy in God’s mission of reconciliation through Christ.

The following is a list of devotional resources: