Christian Beliefs

Image result for Christian theologyThe Bible is a book of books filled with many kinds of writings composed over a thousand years by numerous authors. I belong to a group of Christians who consider the Bible to be the inspired word of God and the sole authority for our faith and life. This has been the position of most Christians down through time and it is from these inspired words that we seek God’s revelation regarding questions concerning God, creation, human beings, sin, salvation and many other topics.

Since the beginning of  Christianity believers have wrestled with questions around these subjects and searched the Scriptures to discern from the whole counsel of God (the Bible as a whole) answers. We refer to this search for truth as “theology” – the study of God’s revelation.

As C.S. Lewis notes in the above quote, we all do theology, but those of us who are serious about the faith dig deep into the truth of God’s Word.

Some of the answers revealed there are very clear and held in common by most Christians. For example, we believe that God has revealed Himself as one God and yet three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Other topics, however, have proven themselves more elusive and  have resulted in two or more responses or variations on the same response. For example, most Christians hold to the belief that the way to salvation is through Christ, but variations begin to appear around how and when.

This section of my website will focus on questions of theology or “Christian belief.” I will acknowledge from the outset my lens or bias on Christian theology. First, I hold to the authority of Scripture alone in doing theology and although I may occasionally turn to church tradition, experience and other forms of human knowledge such as philosophy, God’s Word is the final arbiter. Second, beyond the questions of who is God and who are we, the most important doctrine (belief) is “justification” – how we are saved or made right with God. All subsequent beliefs are defined by this one.