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Why do I keep fish?

I got into the hobby when I was a teenager and it was really quite unintentional. An elderly friend of our family didn’t want his 15-gallon aquarium filled with fish and plants and so he gave it to me. I enjoyed it, but I now realize how little I knew back then about fishkeeping when I took over as steward of that tank filled with God’s creation.

It was probably overstocked when I got it, but the day I decided to add one more fish, life in that aquarium quickly crashed until the only fish left was the one fish I had bought. Either he was the cause of the demise or was just a true survivor. This tank eventually disappeared as other parts of my life took over.

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Aquariums and Upright Dressers

I wanted to move my ten-gallon aquarium from my planned fish room to a more visible location – our bedroom. I initially thought I would place it on our five-drawer upright dresser. I’m glad I did a little research first. I immediately found this comment (Aquariums at Home):

An aquarium can be placed on a dresser if; the aquarium is not too large, and the dresser is structurally strong enough to hold the weight of an aquarium filled with water. The base of the dresser should not have legs that can detach easily, as they will not provide the solid base necessary to be safe. 

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