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Blind but seeing…

Which is harder? To be born blind or to have had sight all your life and gradually lose it? I think it’s the second of the two.

I once knew a man who had been blind from birth. Although I’m sure he had many challenges because of this, he had learned to live a very normal life. In contrast, I knew another man who was losing his sight and this gradual loss seemed to disable him in other parts of his life that had little to do with sight.

Loss of any kind is certainly hard and often takes time to adapt, but sadly, not everyone does. Some become truly disabled and begin to draw others into the hole they’ve created. How difficult it is to watch spouses, family, and friends attempting to care for loved ones who are sitting in darkness amidst a life of blessing.

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I grew up in a Christian family where every morning after breakfast we would gather as a family for “devotions.” In my teenage years this turned into personal devotions. Although these daily personal devotions have remained a strong pattern in my own life, devotions as a family was a far more challenging and erratic pattern than my family of origin. However, in our latter years Beth and I have managed to develop a fairly regular pattern of devotions for us as a couple.

What are devotions? Devotions is simply a time “devoted” to being in the presence of God by listening to the Word of God and responding to God’s Word in prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.

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