Study Bibles

Christians, who take serious their faith, no matter what their denomination background is, will have some sort of study Bible on their bookshelf. This post looks at some basic considerations in obtaining a study Bible.

The Church Year

In our daily lives we keep track of our activities and special events with a calendar, which is a system of organizing days, weeks, months and years. The church throughout the centuries has also marked days and seasons and commemorated special occasions with a calendar. We call this calendar the Church Year. What follows is an explanation and description of the Church Year.

Turning Worship Rightside Up

Ask people who confess Christ and still attend Sunday services, "What is worship?" and most likely they'll tell you about what people do there: sing, listen, pray, have communion and so on. Indeed, their worship activities are really not much different than any other religion that worships. Is Christian worship really no different than Muslim or Hindu worship? I believe it is and totally the opposite. Allow me to explain the rightside up of Christian worship.

Prayers for Worship

A list of written prayers that can be used to prepare oneself for worship, including confession, hearing God's Word and the Lord's Supper, as well a brief prayer of thanksgiving for after worship. Included is a prayer for daily worship as one prepares to live out one's baptismal calling.

Worship Resources

A large list of book, podcast and online resources that explain historic Christian worship; offer ideas for planning worship services; and explore many topics in relationship to worship like spirituality, the Sacraments, music, the church year, the history of worship, worship and the arts, as well as many contemporary worship issues.