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Dad’s Puzzle and 57 Chev

What do you do as an 87 year old during COVID? Your children and grandchildren give you hobbies, even when they’re frustrating puzzles. Dad had a 53 Chevy, but always dreamt of getting a 57.

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The Church’s Digital Outreach

A recent Issues Etc podcast (“A Recent Barna Survey on Unchurched Adults, the Internet and the Pandemic”) in which host Todd Wilken interviews journalist Terry Mattingly, explores both the blessing and the curse of churches entering into digital evangelism because of the 2020+ COVID pandemic. In this interview Mattingly talks about the need for seminaries to train pastors in digital communication; the limits of the internet for sacramental churches; the increasing time burden of digital communication for local pastors and the need for the church to have digital communication specialists.

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Transitions: Feeling like an alien

A friend of mine sent an article from the Irish Times entitled: “The returned missionaries: ‘I’m more African than I am Irish.’”The article describes the difficult transitions encountered by Roman Catholic missionaries who have lived most of their lives in other cultures and who now are returning to Ireland to integrate back into the culture they grew up in but which feels like an alien land to them.

I’ll admit I quickly scanned the article, but even so, I still found myself able to relate to some of the transition experiences they describe. Although I have not had to move to extremely different cultures in other countries, diverse “cultures” exist wherever people live together and develop patterns, traditions, and so on. In moving as many times as I have, I see cultural diversity even within the Canadian context and certainly between church and society.

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Faith that Engages the Culture

I heard Dr. Alfonso Espinosa interviewed on Issues Etc as part of a series on his new book, Faith the Engages the Culture. This is the second book in what is to be a trilogy on the topic of Christian witnessing in the world.

I have not read this book but have his first book, Faith that Sees through the Culture. Concordia Publishing House (CPH) offers a free video course on this first book which establishes the perspective on how Christians need to look at the world they are in. This book establishes the foundation for stepping off into the second book.

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Why do I keep fish?

I got into the hobby when I was a teenager and it was really quite unintentional. An elderly friend of our family didn’t want his 15-gallon aquarium filled with fish and plants and so he gave it to me. I enjoyed it, but I now realize how little I knew back then about fishkeeping when I took over as steward of that tank filled with God’s creation.

It was probably overstocked when I got it, but the day I decided to add one more fish, life in that aquarium quickly crashed until the only fish left was the one fish I had bought. Either he was the cause of the demise or was just a true survivor. This tank eventually disappeared as other parts of my life took over.

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