About Me

20170621_142516_WebI grew up in Eastern Saskatchewan and was baptized in a congregation of the former Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. I served in the Canadian Armed Forces after high school and then attended the University of Saskatchewan (B.A.) and Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon (M.Div).

I have served rural, urban and mission congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) in Alberta, the Yukon, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In 2013 I left the ELCIC and am currently pastor of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ponoka, Alberta and certified with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ and the North American Lutheran Church.

I am married and have four grown daughters.

Those are some of the basic facts of my journey, but there is more…

In the last couple of years I’ve had a personal reformation of sorts, kind of like the reformation Martin Luther had when through the study of God’s Word the Holy Spirit opened his eyes to the power of the Gospel in Christ. Perhaps my reformation hasn’t been quite as radical, but it has certainly clarified my own identity as a Christian of the Lutheran confession.

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