About Me

I am a late end baby boomer. I grew up in small town SaskatchewanCanada, the oldest  of five sons born to working class parents who were Christians of the Lutheran Confession.

It is the Christian faith, and more specifically the Lutheran Confession of that faith, that has defined and shaped me as to who I am and what I am about.

I am first a baptized child of God, called and gathered into Christ’s body, the Church, to be a follower of Jesus and a witness to the Gospel. All that I am in terms of my callings as a husband, father, pastor, citizen, my personality, gifts, passions and interests are both set free and guided by God’s grace in Christ Jesus.

The freedom I have in Christ means that I can be who I am. I am an introvert, specifically an INTJ, who has a love of books, research, and collecting information. As a young child my favorite book was a set of encyclopedias from the early part of the 20th century. I would page through these volumes with great fascination. Later on, it would be our set of World Books that would become the tool for personal reflection and ideas to organize the world.

My love of information, both in gathering, learning and collating, has meant that my interests have been diverse. I have delved into military studies, history, soccer, postage stamps, tropical fish and of course, Christian faith and life, to name just a few areas.

Some of this exploration has led to practical application like joining the Canadian Armed Forces, stamp collecting, keeping tropical fish, playing and coaching soccer and of course, becoming a pastor.

I don’t consider myself an original thinker, but I do have an appreciation for those who can express themselves in unique ways of thinking and practice. I find that their ideas stir me to innovative reflection and application within my own life and as I live out my life in relationship to others. It also stirs me to writing and teaching.

My wife and I have been married for almost thirty-five years. We have four adult children. I have been a Lutheran pastor for over thirty years and we currently reside in small town Alberta, enjoying the quiet life.

Tim Graff

December 22, 2020