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Aquariums and Upright Dressers

I wanted to move my ten-gallon aquarium from my planned fish room to a more visible location – our bedroom. I initially thought I would place it on our five-drawer upright dresser. I’m glad I did a little research first. I immediately found this comment (Aquariums at Home):

An aquarium can be placed on a dresser if; the aquarium is not too large, and the dresser is structurally strong enough to hold the weight of an aquarium filled with water. The base of the dresser should not have legs that can detach easily, as they will not provide the solid base necessary to be safe. 

My dresser didn’t have any legs and is solid, but then the author of the above quote noted…

Tall single style dressers are probably not okay for an aquarium. Try to only put a tank on a triple dresser or if you are setting up a very small tank, possibly a nightstand will be suitable. Taller dressers are not suitable because of the weight you would be placing higher up. Just remember that gravity and the weight of the tank will not mix well with this type of dresser.

The writer suggested doing a test by taking a tote and filling it with the amount of weight an aquarium would have. A ten-gallon aquarium is at least 100 pounds. The video below shows the results.

The aquarium is not moving here. Instead, it will be placed on a lower bedside table.