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Unresponsive Mouse

I depend on that handy peripheral called a mouse. I’d even rather use one with a laptop than play around with the pad. A mouse in hand offers so much more control….that is until it starts acting like a wounded animal or even a dying one.

When your mouse gets this way you can ask one of your geek friends for advice or sort through the more than six million Google results for “unresponsive mouse.” Or you can try some of these possibilities I’ve sorted through.

There are a number of reasons why a mouse will act up and what I mean by that, the mouse starts to become unresponsive to your moves or lagging, or even just disappearing altogether.

Perhaps the most obvious possibility is that your batteries are dying. To fix this, you need to find the release to the battery compartment on the mouse. On my Staple’s mouse, the battery compartment is located on the back half of the top of the mouse body. There’s no release button on mine. I just have to pry the lid off, but once the battery compartment is open you just take out the old batteries and pop in a couple of fresh AA batteries and you should be good to go.

Another possible issue is that your mouse needs a little love and care. All that is required for this is a damp cloth (not wet) and then give the mouse a tender wipe top and bottom.

The third possible issue is that the surface you’re moving your mouse over is somehow interfering with the signal. I had my keyboard and mouse on a nice pad, but when my mouse started acting up I simply moved the mouse directly onto my desk surface and voila, it’s running smooth again.

If you have a wireless mouse with a USB dongle that’s plugged into one of the USB ports, it may be that the mouse is not communicating properly with the dongle. Try taking the dongle out and putting it back into the same or a different USB port, perhaps one that is closer to the mouse.

Finally (but not since there are many other issues) it’s possible that the drivers (a software program that allows your mouse to communicate with the computer operating system) need to be either reinstalled or updated. On a Windows computer, the software is normally checked every time there is a Windows update, but operating system updates can also cause glitches. To update your windows drivers follow these instructions.

So these are some of the most common problems and answers to an unresponsive mouse. If it helped, praise be to God, and if it didn’t, praise be to God that you have geek friends and those six million Google results for an “unresponsive mouse.”