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Ministry in Lumsden

In April of 1987, I began ministry at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Lumsden, Saskatchewan. It was a congregation that had been in existence for some 20 years prior to my arrival and had been served part-time out of Faith Lutheran Church, Regina by Pastor Reinhold Propp. Prior to my arrival, the congregation decided to move to full-time ministry as a mission congregation with the support of the larger church.

I served Shepherd of the Valley from 1987-1989 as their first full-time pastor and they were my first full-time congregation. Beth and I enjoyed our short time there, getting to know the people and the area.

In addition to a couple of pictures of the church building, I have included a picture of a group of young people I confirmed in the faith; a Halloween event Beth coordinated and a picture of Adeline and Ferdy Bundus.

Adeline and Ferdy became a great support to us while we lived there and in the years beyond Adeline would often send us a calendar for Christmas. Adeline and Ferdy were known for their competitive pumpkin growing competitions. The dog in in the picture is our dog Skeena which we brought with us from the Yukon and which the Bundus’ adopted when we couldn’t take her with us to our next congregation.

My ministry at Shepherd of the Valley was a two year term call and in 1989 it was terminated after discerning that the mission was not sustainable for full-time ministry.