Does God exist?

DoesGodExistThis is a question asked by many people today. “Does God exist?”

It’s not a new question and has been debated down through the centuries.

The responses could be grouped in three ways: Yes – Maybe – No.

Now I’m not an expert on this topic. I am simply a person of faith who confesses the existence of God, but who also has known times when I have doubted. Therefore, I do not write this to convince you of God’s existence. What I offer, instead, are articles, books and videos that will allow you a place where you might encounter the God who I believe loves you. In the end, it will be God who convinces you of His existence, not me or even any of these articles, books or videos.

Come and see whether God does exist…

Is there a God by Marilyn Adamson
Marilyn Adamson claims to be a former atheist who came to faith in God through the prayers and witness of a friend who she says offered “objective” evidence pointing to the existence of God. The article points to the mystery of the complex and yet ordered universe as proof of God the Creator and then launches into an evangelical decision theology sales pitch.


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